Shield Compact

client: JVD

year: 2022

project manager: Frédéric Alzeari et Johnny Rabines

photo credits: Vincent Leroux

Practical and lightweight, the Shield Compact® is a real personal protection bubble. With its action on allergens, pollutants, contaminants and odours, the Shield Compact helps you breathe easier.

According to Ramy Fischler, our times illustrate more than ever the need to combine science, technology and design to imagine a better life, but one that is respectful of our environment and attentive to the health challenges facing future generations. It is gratifying and exciting to be associated with innovations that respond concretely to the purification of the air in our homes, and thus help improve our daily lives. Design has a noble place here.

JVD’s innovative new range has been developed in a fruitful collaboration between designers and engineers to purify indoor air and massively reduce the risk of exposure to viruses such as Covid-19. The technology used, Smart Mineralisation ® patented by JVD, does not require consumables or filter changes. It allows for 10 years of component repair and the possibility of recycling.


Purificateur d’air personnel



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