We begin each new project with a fresh outlook, without any preconceptions, and engage actively with the development and dialogue between the different fields of design, culture, new uses and purpose-specific projects. The diversity of topics we deal with is integral to the studio’s ethos, and gives us a fresh perspective to deliver an interdisciplinary approach and personalized design solutions. We are constantly tracking the latest developments in technology, innovations in business, social and economic changes, and environmental issues, accompanying our clients to the final stages of the design process, defining or redefining the specifications of an object, a building’s programming, or the dynamics of a developing suburb. Through an evolutionary system of specialists and partners, we have established a workflow refined through experience. We engage in projects of urban, architectural and entrepreneurial scope, motivated by a desire to preserve and enhance the human-scale and anticipate the everyday motion of future users and participants in all their diversity. Some recent projects which illustrate the studio’s approach and diversity are: the Aura bedroom sleep device, the first of Withings’ connected products, the smart fridge NU!, designed to rethink the zero-waste lunch break, the inaugural Hermès Perfumery in New York, bespoke furniture for chef Thierry Marx, the Twitter offices in Paris and finally, the first philanthropy incubator, winner of the Réinventer Paris competition.
This site also invites you to discover these
more personal projects developed through experimental practice as well as for one-off private commissions within the residential domain. Collected and presented here are objects and pieces of furniture designed and created over the course of various projects and collaborations from the last six years, brought together to form an ever-evolving collection. Alongside the studio projects, Ramy Fischler has developed his own artisanal artistic approach, which resonates with the issues dealt with in his various projects and personal goals. This experimental process, which is often collaborative and interdisciplinary, has produced notable projects such as: the Heterotopia installation in 2013, L’image éclaire in 2015 and Visual Exformation in 2016.