Gaïa School

client: Audencia

year: 2022

project manager: Johnny Rabines

location: Nantes

Gaïa, the School for Economic, Ecological and Social Transition

A new school for new profiles

The creation of Gaïa was born of systemic reflections on the state of the contemporary world. The school will be open to a forward-looking, cross-disciplinary pedagogy, with a view to training the future players and entrepreneurs of the economic and ecological transition.

Open to nature and sharing

Landscape, urban and architectural projects will interweave to make the school part of a dynamic, long-term territorial ecosystem. Led by the community, campus developments will go beyond the scope of the consultation to benefit the neighbourhood as a whole.

Different types of space for multiple uses and teaching practices

The space typologies deployed in the school’s program support a model, ecological and educational project that reinvents the economy hand-in-hand with its major players. Gaïa is a non-elitist experiential space open to the world, supported by a transdisciplinary approach to teaching based on projects and doing.

Experimenting to design

The project process will enable the school to be prefigured and prototyped. The winning team will be expected to develop new working methods, with a particular emphasis on experimentation.

Author: Fanny Léglise
Study conducted by RF Studio and its Bureau des Usages.