Wojo In-Hotel

client: Wojo

year: 2021

project manager: Simon Naouri et Johnny Rabines

collaboration: Accor, Atelier Baudelaire

The hotel embodies a range of imaginary worlds, capable of enchanting everyone’s daily life. Whether in film, literature, art or real life, the hotel is a place of fantasy, a crossroads for characters, stories, creations, pleasures and more. At times a place of passage or of life, at other times a place for chance or organized encounters, it offers an experience of well-being shaped by its territorial roots, its services with a strong identity and its design. It’s all about customer care. And what if this quality treatment were also reserved on a daily basis for a company’s employees? That’s the challenge facing Wojo, which takes advantage of existing hotel ecosystems to offer a tool for transforming hotel rooms into agile workspaces.

Study conducted by RF Studio and its Bureau des Usages.