client: Privé

year: 2012

project manager: Frédéric Alzeari

location: Paris

photo credits: Paul Graves / N Millet

The Place de Colombie apartment was Ramy Rischler’s first foray into interior design after starting his own company. In this exceptional 350 msite in one of Paris’ most prestigious Walter apartment buildings, Ramy took on the role of interior architect. For the furniture design he instigated a collaboration between all the different construction crafts, bringing together visions and challenges. The apartment’s design is the outcome of this variety of ideas and talents converging and working together.

The decorative arts play an essential role in the harmony and evolution of the designer’s work. He considers them a driving force of creative development in a world where it has become increasingly difficult to preserve these vital elements of his craft.

This project is proof, if proof be needed, that the world of decorative arts is still part of a living story. Designing an apartment can be a total creation in which each room, object and detail is conceived, designed and created as part of one harmonious, self-contained whole.

Private apartment


Walter furniture