Le Pod

year: 2016

project manager: Simon Naouri

collaboration: Vr+Things

photo credits: Iorope - Laurent Caron

A revolutionary object on many accounts, le POD is the first connected piece of furniture dedicated to Virtual Reality. We are all used to communication through screens, and often constrained by their dimensions. This truly immersive sensorial interface opens new horizons; it enables teleportation and brings the body to the center of interpersonal communication. An authentic experience, playing on all five senses, Le POD allows people in different locations to meet up via 3D videoconference in a dematerialized simulation center. It revolutionizes the concept of distance in relationships with others: by soliciting the entire body, and emotions, both cruelly neglected in the today’s workplace, this interface generates more empathy and bonding.

Le POD allows for enhanced collaboration. It also fits in many other environments: entertainment or healthcare are some of the most obvious use cases. It can help people undergoing intense therapeutic treatment to take a break away from their ailment and forget the stress of the medical world. Learning critical gestures, for instance first-assistance or accident prevention, becomes quicker and easier than ever before through this training tool.
Ergonomic, economic and collaborative, this virtual office becomes a true platform to connect multiple projects. Versatile, it can host an infinity of applications, at a time when the workplace is evolving quickly to adapt to new trends like co-working. While 44% of the jobs created over the last four years have been freelance jobs, this true technological achievement might well change our professional and personal habits for tomorrow.

An innovation by Vr+Things, design by Ramy Fischler.

First Virtual Reality connected furniture