client: BNP Paribas

year: En cours

location: Saint Denis

collaboration: Chartier Dalix

Chartier Dalix organize their building around a large curved circulation that connects the street and the garden. RF Studio organizes usages around hybrid and connected islands: security / access, self-service / coffee, concierge / waiting room.

Particular attention has been paid to new usages induced by digital and connected objects. Just like a contemporary street, you stop for a moment to enjoy a digital press service, have a coffee or pick up your shopping at the connected concierge. Heidi Winge Strom, dresses each of these islands with an acoustic textile. For this purpose, she creates a custom-made pattern that shows Parisian dynamism. These islands of services are connected in this large lobby with a bright light installation. Curved lights, such as headlights in the night, lead the flow and deliver useful information.

The welcoming is reinvented, an autonomous registration service via connected objects is available to visitors. They sit on large connected benches that accompany the flow, they affirm the dynamism of our intervention.

The integration of technology is at the heart of our approach: automatic concierge service, connected self-service, recording attendant, dynamic lighting, led display behind the textile walls of the islets.

A rigorous selection of materials was made in connection with the building quality. The wood structure is found in the ceiling cladding, the floors come from re-use – terrazzo made from marble quarry falls, the floor recovered and then reworked – and finally, the soil used for furniture comes from the sites of the Grand Paris.

The space of the company restaurant, directly linked to the cafeteria, was designed to live throughout the day and become a melting pot of meetings. When the scramble closes, it becomes a workspace and informal meetings area. We finely worked on the variety of high and low seating typologies and designed tables that could accommodate both meals and meetings. Finally, a central layout brings together banquettes and plant containers. A precise selection was made to improve the qualities of the air: depolluting, odorous or aromatic plants.

Commons spaces of Curve building


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