client: AD

year: 2013

project manager: Frédéric Alzeari

location: Paris

collaboration: Ateliers de France / Tai Ping Carpets / Henri / Au gré du Verre / Laval / Jean-Baptiste Del Amo

photo credits: RF Studio / Alexandre Pertemov / Franck Beloncle / Gilles Pernet

The installation designed by Ramy Fischler for AD Intérieurs is a study characterised by minimal and sophisticated forms. Each material defies the rules of art just as it defies gravity. This is an extension of Fischler’s meditations on the forms of power which began at the Villa Medici. With writer Jean-Baptiste Del Amo, he stepped into the literary realm and extracted a singular piece, perched atop an insurmountable tower…

Heterotopia, Ad interieurs 2013 exhibition