client: Silvera

year: 2024

project manager: Frédéric Alzéari, Robert Tarnowski

The Era table is an eco-design created to last. Made in France from innovative, recycled and recyclable materials, Era is the result of years of research and exploration. With its distinctive aesthetic and two-material construction, Era also represents responsible manufacturing and a sustainable life cycle.

The idea was to design not just a table, but a new model of exemplary eco-design. A symbol of high standards and committed choices, to make a positive mark on this new era in the world of work, which is resolutely more ethical and naturally more responsible.

Paul Silvera
Director Silvera


Being a designer today means trying to simplify the complexity of the world around us to make our everyday lives better. The table collection developed with SILVERA is simple. For me, it’s a response to the times we live in, both in terms of its form and its manufacture: bio-based materials, circuitcourts, mechanical fastenings and early dismantling, a streamlined shape… So many criteria that contribute to improving our environment, and that we’re proud to have succeeded in combining in creating Era.

Ramy Fischler
Director RF Studio

  • Eco Impact A
  • Made in France
  • Innovative, durable materials
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • A high reparability index
  • Configurable and scalable connectivity