NU! Food Market

client: NU!

year: 2015

project manager: Simon Naouri

info: Illustration : Matthieu Pauthe / Graphisme : Agathe Bouchavon

A food hall with a large range of everyday products with extended opening hours.

Sellers serving at their stalls, a convivial ambiance with human contact, healthy and delicious products selected according to NU!’s ethos and served in returnable containers.

A dynamic, modern and connected space where practising zero-waste becomes fun and rewarding. All the shelves in the store are mounted on scales which automatically weigh the amount of the chosen product and enable contactless payment. Customers are equipped with an NFC device (bracelet or phone) to identify themselves at each aisle.

No need to weigh items, empty the basket, scan products, or even go to a checkout; just breeze into NU!, gather what you need and be on your way!

Halle alimentaire connectée zéro déchets


NU! Smart fridge