year: 2022

project manager: Frédéric Alzéari et Florence Vlemelinx

location: Budapest

photo credits: Stephan Julliard, Balint Alovits

An apartment is composed of many other things aside from its physical materials. Our home is intimately connected to its environment and its context, guiding the energy that flows through it. This idea of flow is best illustrated by the ancient Indian science of Vastu Shastra; it suggests a set of rules which, under the guidance of experts, have influenced every aspect of the project.

The layout of the rooms, their function, circulations and openings as well as the colors and materials have been carefully chosen to optimize the well-being of its residents. The light and blue hues of the northern spaces respond to the earthen colors inspired from the southern lands.

Natural materials have been chosen throughout the apartment. Wood, rammed earth, wool and silk coexist creating spaces with a sense of universal harmony. The result is a peaceful atmosphere from which emanates positive energy. A rigorous and demanding approach to the Vastu Shastra precepts has generated spaces whose clarity of volumes and layouts provide a resolutely contemporary aspect. The project demonstrates that this age-old science is more relevant than ever. It echoes the desire to put well-being back at the heart of the spaces we inhabit.


Bd. Maillot