50 Montaigne

client: Chelsfield

year: 2022

project manager: Frédéric Alzeari et Kevin Quinchard

location: Paris

collaboration: FRESH Architectures

photo credits: Vincent Leroux et Nicolas Grosmond

It is a classic Haussmann-style building with an exceptional landscaped garden, three luxury shops on three floors and nine floors of prime office space. The project includes the redesign of approximately 11,000 m2 of office space, the renovation of the lobby and landscaped outdoor areas, as well as a 10% extension of the office space and the creation of terraces on the upper floors. RF Studio’s work focused exclusively on the common areas, i.e. the lobby, a restaurant area, an auditorium and a fitness room.

RF Studio took care to connect these different functions: no area of a building should be left out. The idea was also to restore a human scale to this building, which has impressive volumes. This project is both simple and sophisticated, which in a way represents RF Studio’s design philosophy. However, the furniture we selected is custom-made, with a degree of sophistication that is rarely seen in the office. The path of simplicity also led us to imagine a reception area that changes use at the end of the day to become a bar.