Le bureau des Philanthropes

year: 2018

project manager: Adrien Guichet

location: Hotel de la Bûcherie, 75005 Paris

photo credits: Vincent Leroux

For the second time, Ramy Fischler is participating in the AD Intérieurs event, an exhibit that pays homage to the work of interior designers. Every year, approximately fifteen talented designers stage a “living” room illustrating their savoir-faire and style.

This year, the exhibit is located in a remarkable private mansion, the hôtel de la Bûcherie. A historical monument in the midst of being renovated and converted by RF Studio and Perrot&Richard Architectes for the Compagnie de Phalsbourg, its grand opening is scheduled for 2019. This project is the winner of Reinventing Paris, an international competition launched by Paris City Hall. The “Bureau des Philanthopes” by Ramy Fischler was designed as a place for encounters and exchanges heralding the programming and the conception of the Compagnie des Philanthropes, a space dedicated to philanthropy in all of its forms. In particular, Fischler designed the interior for a 150-m2space and is presenting a collection of furniture, created with French artisans, which announces the future uses of the site.

Set of raw earth furniture, Ramy Fischler creation. Realization: Amaco, mixture of mud and aggregates.

Agora of Philanthropists, Ramy Fischler creation. Realization: Côté France, shelves in lacquered aluminum, bench and cushion cushions Rubelli fabric.

Luminous rods and PVC curtain, Ramy Fischler creation. Realization: rods with integrated programmable LEDs, plugs and aluminum fixing by Brossier Saderne, PVC curtains by Gerriets, PMMA eyelets by RF Studio.

Bureau du Philanthrope, Ramy Fischler creation. Realization: Chastagner, assembly of tinted birch plywood.

Bibliothèque du Philanthrope, Ramy Fischler creation. Realization: Chastagner, assembly of tinted birch plywood.

Relaxation seat sitting, Ramy Fischler creation. Realization: Soca, set of baked beech, leather-wrapped cushions.

Custom rug, created by Ramy Fischler and Heidi Winge Strom. Realization: JD Staron, rug in combed wool, hand tufted + carving, 15 colors.

Library arrangement, Ramy Fischler creation. Realization: France side arched wooden arched metal, shelves and cupboards in lacquered metal.

Chaise Multipli, created by Ramy Fischler. Realization: Chastagner, assembly of tinted birch plywood.

Metal shelves, Ramy Fischler creation. Realization: France side, anodized aluminum structure, blocks of raw earth by Amaco.

Staff and resin box, Ramy Fischler creation. Realization: ADS Staff, floor, walls and ceiling lacquered staff.

VR helmet, Oculus.


Le bureau des Philanthropes, AD Interieurs, Hôtel de la Bûcherie