year: 2018

location: Opéra Comique, Paris

collaboration: Cyril Teste, Louis Langrée

photo credits: Vincent Leroux

Ambroise Thomas’s Hamletturns 150 years old this year. Lit with contemporary technical equipment, the work is being revisited by the director Cyril Teste and the conductor Louis Langrée at the Opéra Comique set against a stage design created by Ramy Fischler.

This romantic baroque drama, created for the Opéra Le Peletier in 1868, was inspired by Alexandre Dumas’s work on Shakespeare and Delacroix’s paintings. Based on the coexistence of film and stage images, Ramy Fischler’s stage design encourages people to think about the expression of truth and representation. The designer created a system of moving screens, capable of suggesting both the characters’ imprisonment as well as the permanent circulation of bodies behind closed doors.

Hamlet, mise en scène Cyril Teste et scénographie Ramy Fischler


Visual Exformation

L’image éclaire