Eiffel Tower brasserie

client: Umanis

year: 2022

project manager: Frédéric Alzeari et Adrien Guichet

location: Paris

collaboration: Encore Heureux

photo credits: Vincent Leroux / RF Studio et Encore Heureux Architectes / Nicolas Grosmond / Portait : Élodie Daguin

The Eiffel Tower is a true architectural icon, welcoming 20,000 visitors from all over the world every day, but it is not set in stone for eternity. RF Studio and Encore Heureux Architectes worked with Michelin-starred chef Thierry Marx to rethink the restaurant areas on the first floor of the tower and the forecourt, in order to offer visitors the best experience in each location. They also designed a champagne bar on the top floor of the Iron Lady.

Madame Brasserie offers an unusual break 57 metres above the ground, with an exceptional view of Paris, in a setting designed by the designer Ramy Fischler & the architect Nicola Delon that invites you to take your time. Like a chef, the designer often elaborates his recipes to transform the space by carefully selecting his materials. For the décor of Madame Brasserie, raw earth is given pride of place, both in its aesthetic and symbolic dimensions: it is the material from which all our food comes and also the metal ores that make up the tower. The designers have favoured sobriety with natural and responsible materials, including wood and cork alongside rammed-earth. A design that is as close as possible to their values and those advocated by Thierry Marx’s cuisine. Along with the champagne bar on the top floor and the takeaway bistro on the first floor, the takeaway offer is also deployed on the forecourt, with a fleet of mobile three-wheelers that meet the influx of visitors in a permanent ballet.


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