Dom Perignon P2

client: Dom Pérignon

year: 2014

project manager: Frédéric Alzeari

photo credits: Arnaud Lajeunie / video artist : Hee Won Lee

Dom Pérignon P2 is the Second Plénitude of Dom Pérignon, the product of the secret alchemy of time. After over 16 years of maturation in cellars, the wine attains a plateau where all the contrasting elements of assemblage resonate with each other and generate a unique energy. This energy can only be compared to the energy of natural elements.
This advertising campaign was shot in Iceland, the land where you can experience the ultimate intensity of nature. Directed by Ramy Fischler and shot by Arnaud Lajeunie, it expresses the expansion of elements, a metaphore for the unique energy of P2.
RF Studio designed the visual identity of the products and universe of P2.


Artistic Direction for Dom Perignon P2 – product and universe


Champagne trolley